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Alexeï Arkhipovitch Leonov biography

Birth : May 30th , 1934, Listvianka (USSR)

Death : October 11th , 2019, Moscow (Russia)

Profession : Initially military Soviet pilot, then Soviet cosmonaut, he is also general major in Soviet Air Force.

Spatial missions :

Voskhod 2 : launched on March 18th, 1965, with a crew of two men (Alexeï Leonov and Pavel Beliaïev), its goal was to achieve the first extravehicular activity, that performed by Alexeï Leonov. It lasted 12 minutes and 9 seconds, and it is known as the first extravehicular activity in the History of the space exploration.

Participation to the lunar Soviet program : Firstly, to realize a flight in lunar orbit, then succeed the first moon landing; since the Americans achieved this goal first, the Soviets abandoned this project in 1974 after a failure of the launcher N1.

Soyuz 11 : He has been attached to the Soyuz 11 mission which should have taken off on June 6th, 1971, to do a rendezvous with Salyut 1 station, but one of his colleagues was suspected to have tuberculosis and so the crew was replaced. Unfortunately, the back up crew died on Lune 29th, 1971, because of a decompression issue of the Soyuz.

Anecdote :

During the Voskhod 2 mission, Alexeï’s combine dilated, and he had to depressurize it in outer space to reach the module. Furthermore, in opposition to the orders, he entered his head first instead of his feet, then made a tumble inside the sass to be in the right position.

Author : BERRIVIN Hugo

Translation : JOANNE Nils

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