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Tangent polygon

A polygon that has an incircle is called a tangent polygon. Such a polygon is also called a redescribed polygon - do my assignment for me . All triangles and all regular polygons have an incircle and are tangent polygons. Polygons that have an incircle are called tangent polygons.

The incircle of a polygon is the circle that touches all sides of the polygon from the inside. The sides of the polygon are then the tangents to the incircle.

Such a polygon is also called a redescribed polygon. All triangles and all regular polygons have an incircle. For example, all squares - do my math homework for me , rhombuses and straight kite quadrilaterals are tangent quadrilaterals.

In a tangent quadrilateral, the sum of two opposite sides is equal to the sum of the other two opposite sides.

For the example, the following then applies: a + c = b + d

Little monks of Hippocrates

Hippokrates Von Chios (Greek mathematician, around 440 B.C.) was the most famous geometer of the 5th century B.C. According to tradition - homework help geometry , he wrote the first summary of geometric knowledge of his time under the title "Elements" according to the scheme of prerequisite, theorem and proof.

The name Hippokrates is also closely associated with two famous problems of mathematics, the squaring of the circle and the doubling of the cube.

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