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Here are several accredited online universities that do not have GMAT requirements:

Ashford University, California – Forbes™ School of Business offers graduate degrees such as a Master of Arts in Organizational Management, a Master of Public Administration, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Ashford does not require students to supply a GMAT score.

Babson College, Massachusetts – You can earn an MBA, accounting, certified management, or entrepreneurial leadership degree at Babson College.

Colorado State University – The College of Business offers several graduate degrees, such as an MBA and an MBA in global social and sustainable enterprise, a master’s of management practice, master’s of accountancy, master’s of computer information systems and a master’s of financial risk management.

Ohio University – Online graduate degrees offered at the college of business are the master of athletic administration and an MBA degree.

Syracuse University, New York – The Martin J. Whitman School of Management offers an iMBA degree for online students.

Texas A&M University-Commerce –The school offers master’s degrees in accounting, finance, marketing, management, as well as MBAs.

Washington State University – Students can earn the executive MBA (EMBA) or the traditional MBA through the WSU School of Business.

University of St. Thomas – The Opus College of Business offers an online Health Care MBA degree.

These are just a few of the online business school programs that allow admission for students who have not taken the GMAT. Those who are interested in pursuing a master’s degree in a business field should carefully consider whether they want to take the GMAT or pursue an online degree where no GMAT scores are required.

Other considerations to keep in mind include:

Cost – The GMAT is $250 to take. Additional costs will also factor in if you sign up for a class, or buy any of the recommended study materials.

Time – The GMAC recommends students set aside seven weeks of time prior to the scheduled test date to coursework writing service study for the exam. That is about half a semester of time, and it’s valuable time that could be applied toward earning a credit or two while already enrolled in an online graduate business degree program. The exam itself takes about 4 hours with scheduled breaks. There are exams scheduled all across the United States and in many foreign countries at different times of the year. To find out more, visit. if you want to create 3D models, fix cars, etc; try it out first before you invest your future in it. It is not that difficult to try out lots of things these days (including things such as flying) so test out your future job first before you do anything else. Spend time on testing out your future profession before you spend money on it, and make sure you are not following the dream of another person (especially your partner). Expand what you do, For example, if you are trying 3D modeling then try animating as well, or if you are trying lighting direction on video then try composure and setting too to give it a go.

Schedule – If you’re working full-time, have a family, and are prepping for the GMAT exam, you’ll have to carefully balance your schedule. Also plan to take time off from work for the actual exam itself.

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