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What if objects could tell stories? - Part 1


Hello, my name is Abdul, I am a pen and I am going to tell you a story. My journey began in a classroom where it was hot as hell. No way! Couldn’t they just buy some air conditioners? Jesus!

Today was drawing day at the nursery. We were drawing airplanes and circles. Awesome! My owner is ahead of the other kids, he also wrote what equations look like and even tried to solve them without a calculator. That’s incredible for a young kid, isn’t it? The teacher even came to ask him “What are you doing? Are you okay?”. I am proud of him, he is the smartest kid and I am sure he is going to succeed in life.

The owner of Abdul is George.

George is in his second year of Engineering.

George forgot to bring his calculator.

George got a 3 on his partiel of aeronautics and is now depressed.

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