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What if objects could tell stories? - Part 2


Good evening darling! Do you want some tea with your slice of cheesecake? Come sit beside me because I’m going to yarn you quite an incredible story.

It was during a year like the others, and war was at its apogee. I love to dance on top of centimeters of paper. I loved to go dancing in front of kids that were shouting with enthusiasm. I loved to put on my pink ballerinas and then my white tutu, and then put on my hair a freshly picked rose. I danced so much that one day I broke my mine. It was horrifying, I felt like my life was worthless, so I fainted. I woke up 21 years later with a brand-new mine that was hard as a rock and sharpened like a knife. I was happy. Dancing again, but this time, on meters of paper without interruption. After a few years, the inevitable happened. I broke my leg a second time, but unfortunately, no one ever came to fix me. All of this because of some rebellious allies.

Jeanne is a compass that was used by Under Arm Geschütz, the head of the German engineers during the war. She helped to design all the weapons during both World Wars that created millions of victims

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