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What if objects could tell stories? - Part 3


My name is Juan Jose Carlos De La Rosa Lopez aka Juan Junior and I am a corn field in the north of Arkansas, but I am originally from Mexico where the rest of my family lives. Unfortunately, I am going to be separated from them by a wall because some stupid rich blonde douche is afraid of Mexicans. He maybe is just afraid of what happens after a spicy Mexican meal. Who knows? Jesus knows.

Did you know Jesus loves food? He loves barbeque, steaks, burgers, pizza and even nachos with some guacamole or salsa. It’s true, I heard the Americans farmers saying that in addition to saying that Donald J Trump is a good president, but I don’t know who Donald is. They are also saying that the earth is flat (who doesn’t know that), climate change doesn’t exist (duh), big foot exists (why not), chocolate milk comes from brown cows (seems legit).

Juan is the property of typical American farmers. Poor Juan.

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