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What is the BRJ-X program ?

The BRJ-X concept


In 1986, Bombardier Inc, a Canadian buisness jets manufacturer, acquired Canadair, another canadian aircraft manufacturer and renamed it Bombardier Aviation. This was followed four years later by the acquisition of Learjet, an American buisness jet manufacturer. In 1992, their Bombardier CRJ-200, of the Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) family, got certified.

The BRJ-X program

The Bombardier Regional Jet eXpansion (BRJ-X) program was launched in September 1998. The aim of this project was to build a twin-turbofan aircraft able to bring 110 passengers for regional flights. They wanted to enter the 100+ seat market and purchasing the dutch aviation equipement manufacturer Fokker. The BRJ-X was willing to be the largest and the most cost-effective of all Bombardier aircrafts. Largest than the CRJ family and the Q-series.

BRJ-X fuselage section

Also, it was based on a 2-3 configuration fuselage, 3.26 meters wide and 2.1 meters high, which is brand new in Bombardier production. Also, it would be under-wing powered with advanced turbo fans. Their goal was to be able to produce the BRJ-X in 2003.

What happened ?

In aviation, competition is tough. In 1999, the brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer introduced their E-jets family at the Paris Air Show : a brand new 90-seater aircrafts under-wing powered. That’s why Bombardier switched in favor of the CRJ-900, because this aircraft was build on CRJ-700 frame, so it would be faster to produce.

The Renaissance

Different BRJ-X views

In the early 2000, they continued to develop the BRJ-X project and they came back with a state-of-the-art twinjet airplane and on a baseline configuration of 108 seats. The new BRJ-X would be arranged into 2 editions : BRJ-X-100, the classic one, and BRJ-X-100ER an upgrade version with better engines and more range. This new program was launch at the end on the 2000 year and Bombardier wanted to make it operational in mid-2004. This project was well received by the airline compagny, because it would be a “true 100-seater” and not a smaller Bombardier aircraft remastered in a 100+ seat.

End of the program

In 2004, Bombardier announced they were suspending development of BRJ-X project and they announced the development of the upcoming and even more efficient CSeries.

CS300 of the CSeries program

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