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Flat earthers in 2021, why?

Contrarily to popular belief, and despite the rising level of general education, more and more people believe that we are living on a flat earth.

This idea is expanding partly because of some celebrities that also follow this trend. Indeed, we find for example some famous basketball players as Kyrie Irving or Shaquille O’Neal, who advances as an argument, I quote "I drive from Florida to California all the time, and it’s flat to me. I do not go up and down at a 360-degree angle, and all that stuff about gravity, have you looked outside Atlanta lately and seen all these buildings? You mean to tell me that China is under us? China is under us? It’s not. The world is flat."[1]

We also find the American rapper known under the pseudonym of B.o.B. He published a photo of him with a city in the back on his Twitter account, saying: "The cities in the background are at a distance of about 16 miles (about 25 km) ... Where is the curve? Please explain this to me ». . These quotes show us the lack of evidence behind the arguments these people use.

Recently, a man called Mike Hughes, the most famous flat earther of the moment, wanted to prove by himself that the earth was flat. For this, he made himself a rocket which he launched with him in it, in February 2020. Unfortunately, there was a take-off problem, and the parachutes tore, so Mike died when the rocket crashed on the ground. However, this was not his first attempt because he had tried it in the past and had walked away from it by a miracle. Maybe destiny doesn't want us to find out that the earth is flat...

So, the presence of these influential people and those who are ready to do anything to show their belief improve the popularity of this kind of theory.

People who believe in a flat earth have a lot of arguments to justify their choice and they have an answer to everything, so here is a top 10 arguments that we hear most often.

- The Earth seems flat; so, it must be flat. Yes, this’s really an argument for them. How can we refute this?

- It is cheaper to make false space trips than to travel in space. And a global conspiracy has stolen all that money since the 1950s.

- Satellite photos are “easily falsified”.

- “Day" and "night" are created by the sun orbiting in a circle above, then under the North Pole.

- The sun also moves laterally, hence winter and summer. They think of everything!

- People who think they have flown around the Earth have just travelled in a large circle around the North Pole. The Earth is like a pancake, with the North Pole in the middle.

- Everything stays together because there is a large wall of ice around the edge. The oceans don't spill because there is a wall of ice, called Antarctica. Flat Earth Society admits to being "curious" about what lies beyond that.

- Gravity does not exist. Instead, the Earth is constantly accelerating upward, so the force of gravity is like being pushed into your seat in a car.

- Earth accelerates upward due to “dark energy”. It all fits Einstein, the maniacs brag about it, while Einstein purrs softly in his grave.

- Photos taken from planes appears bent due to the shape of the windows.

- The earth is stationary. Without realizing it, the Earth rotates at 1600 km/h! For flat earthers, if that's really the case, why don't we fly? For them, the Earth does not rotate. It is in a stationary state.

But take the example of a flight in an airliner with a cruising speed of 926 km/h. Besides taking off and landing, you have the feeling of being still. During the trip you can perfectly move inside the cabin. Well on Earth, it's the same thing! Its rotation is constant.

In conclusion we can see in our modern society the rise in common thought of old theory like the one we introduced here. Despite the numerous arguments that we can show them to prove them they are wrong. They keep on believing what influent people and social media are telling mostly due to the group effect, which is a big factor in popular belief.


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