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Modern mythology - Hephaestus

    My story had always been kind of… how to say? I’ll just tell you, you’ll see. The beginning of it expresses it all. I was just born that my mother tried to get rid of me, she simply decided to “forget me”, as the nurses said, and I’ve even heard that she first tried to throw me out of the window, but since I’m still alive, I guess she didn’t manage to do that. It might just be a myth.

But thanks to her reaction, I was adopted by people who allowed me to discover what I was capable of. They’ve let me play with mud, with wires, with my hands. I could do this all day, and I created all sorts of objects. I remember playing with all my creations, contemplating them from the top of my chair.

But then, after nine whole years living with these people, I returned to my biological parents.

I had thus to deal with a mother who always knew what she wanted and was willing to do anything to obtain it. One day, she wanted to get rid of one of my half-brothers, so she decided to organize a little “treasure hunt” in dangerous places such as the river where were living dangerous species, the forest, and some other twisted places. Unfortunately for her, he managed to survive making her scream harder than I have ever heard. What really drove her crazy about this poor kid surviving is that he was her husband’s son, from one of his many conquests.

My father is indeed not what you can call faithful. He had so many conquests I lost track of them and their names. He can really have whoever he wants, and do whatever he wants with, which isn’t ok with my mother and I understand why. Get married they said…

But let’s come back to my story and where I’m now. I’m now what you can consider as a “grown up” and I’m trying to figure out what I want to do in life. Crucial moment isn’t it? But I think finding love would somehow be nice. I just hope I don’t love like my parents do, because if it is the case, I’m screwed … So, let’s set two major rules for the future me, the first rule is: “you shall not manipulate as mother did”, the second one is: “You shall never make crooked plans to seduce as father did”. If I follow these two simple rules, I might turn out ok.

You could see this story and realise it has a lot of similarities with the one of Antiquity god Hephaestus, but anyway it’s just mine, so does that mean I’m a god? It might just be a question of perspective.

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